M’sian Shocked By Size Of RM13 Chicken Chop Which Was Smaller Than His Hand

The OP said it wasn't even as big as his three fingers.
Having expectations of satisfying a hungry appetite can sometimes lead to disappointment, as one Malaysian recently discovered.

An unhappy Malaysian recently expressed his dissatisfaction with the portion size of the chicken chop he ordered, which he felt did not justify the RM13 price tag.

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He mentioned that the chicken chop’s size was smaller than his palm, and he even likened it to the size of three fingers.

A plate of chicken chop of black pepper sauce
Photo via FB/Bandar Chukai Kemaman (Original)

“Are their portions usually this small?”

Posted by anonymous participant in a Facebook group, Bandar Chukai Kemaman (Original), the OP mentioned that he purchased the chicken chop from a Western food stall situated in the food court of Mesra Mall, believed to be located in Terengganu.

Initially, upon seeing the RM13 price tag, he had tempered his expectations. He was aware that the standard price for chicken chop or grilled chicken typically ranged from RM15 upwards, with some going as high as RM17 to RM18 in food courts and other restaurants.

Chicken chop
For illustration purposes only. Photo via Canva

Reality check

The portion size of the chicken chop left him surprised. Choosing the grilled chicken chop, he found the chicken piece to be disproportionately small compared to the standard plate size.

He described the portion of the chicken as hardly the size of a palm and not even the size of three fingers. Adding to his disappointment, he mentioned they served it with just 10 pieces of fries along with the dish.

Ending his post with a hint of regret, the disappointed customer wished he had opted for a plate of sizzling noodles priced at RM10 instead, which he thought would have been a better deal.

This post immediately caught the attention of netizens, some of whom even compared the size and price of the chicken chop they had before, noting that theirs were cheaper and came in larger servings.

“Tokpa Cafe Kuala Kemaman. Only RM6 for budget chicken chop”

M'sian shocked by size of rm13 chicken chop which was smaller than his hand
Screenshot via FB/Bandar Chukai Kemaman (Original)

“I used to sell for RM10 during the MCO. Now, I have to increase the price to RM13. Feel free to visit my shop.”

M'sian shocked by size of rm13 chicken chop which was smaller than his hand
Screenshot via FB/Bandar Chukai Kemaman (Original)

Have you had any experiences similar to this man’s story? Share with us in the comment section.


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