Two M’sians Brave Busy Highway to Remove Debris, One with Prosthetic Leg

Respect to everyone who helped!
In a courageous act that has garnered widespread praise from netizens, two men risked their lives to slow down speeding drivers on a busy highway to remove tyre debris in the middle of the road.

A video recently uploaded by the TikTok account “@ceoofmarking” shows these two men standing on the side of the highway, raising their hands to signal drivers to slow down.

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Their goal was to cross the road safely and remove the hazardous debris from a blown tyre.

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Removing tyre debris
Photo via TikTok/ @ceoofmarking

Tyre debris on busy highway

The incident took place on the bustling Federal Highway, making the men’s efforts particularly nerve-wracking as they navigated through fast-moving traffic.

The video captures the tense moments as they manage to get the drivers’ attention, prompting several cars to slow down, allowing them to clear the tyre debris successfully.

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One of the men, identified in the video, is a disabled person with a prosthetic left leg.

Despite his physical limitations, he bravely stepped up to ensure the safety of all road users, earning him the title of “Highway Hero” from grateful netizens.

Man with prosthetic leg
Photo via TikTok/ @ceoofmarking

The incident occurred on May 22nd, and the video’s caption reads,

“Thank you to all the drivers who slowed down. I did my best to remove the tyre debris to prevent it from endangering other cars. Ignoring it could have led to accidents or vehicle damage.”

Watch the full video here:

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