M’sian Woman Buys All 12 Newspapers From Uncle Who Tried Selling Them While Injured

Every now and then, we would bump into individuals who are less well off and in need of assistance. When faced with such a situation, what would you do?

A young woman took pity on an elderly uncle who was struggling to sell newspapers while sustaining a foot injury and decided to buy all of it from him in order to help him financially.

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M’sian woman buys all 12 newspapers from uncle in Penang

In a one-minute long clip shared on Xiaohongshu (XHS) by 马来西亚槟城娜娜 yesterday (May 22), the OP said that she was at a traffic light near Komtar in Penang when she saw an uncle going from car to car trying to sell newspapers.

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She also noticed that the uncle had a foot injury and was seen limping in pain while his wife was seated on a wheelchair by the sidewalk not far away.

When the uncle came to the OP’s car, she asked him how much each newspaper cost. He then told her that each costs RM2 and he had a total of 12 copies with him.

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RM24 can be used for a lot of things, such as a cup of coffee, a slice of tiramisu, or a plate of spaghetti. But for this uncle, how many traffic lights does he have to wait before he’s able to sell the newspapers to 12 cars?

Filled with compassion for him, the OP decided to buy all of the newspapers and paid the uncle RM24, causing him to thank her profusely before limping away.

Upon seeing the glow on the uncle’s face, the OP said that she couldn’t help but to feel happy over his overjoyed expression.

Gave newspapers to passersby

Knowing that she wasn’t able to read all 12 newspapers entirely by herself, the OP went around the streets and handed it out to those she bumped into along the way.

She also went into several restaurants within the vicinity and gave out the newspapers until there were none left.

While she acknowledged that she couldn’t do much to help the uncle, the OP said that she hopes her small act will inspire others to show kindness towards the needy.

Praised for her kindness

Netizens were full of praise for the OP and commended her for going out of her way to help the uncle.

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‘Thank you for making me believe that there are still good people in this world. It’s such a heartwarming act. Kind people will be rewarded one day.’

M'sian woman buys all 12 newspapers from uncle who tried selling them while injured comment 1
Screenshot via XHS/马来西亚槟城娜娜

‘Thank you. You’re awesome. You will be blessed with luck.’

M'sian woman buys all 12 newspapers from uncle who tried selling them while injured comment 2
Screenshot via XHS/马来西亚槟城娜娜

‘Whenever I see these pitiful elderly folks, I really feel sorry for them. I’d also blame myself when I feel I’m not able to help them.’

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M'sian woman buys all 12 newspapers from uncle who tried selling them while injured comment 3
Screenshot via XHS/马来西亚槟城娜娜

We hope more people like the OP will never hesitate to help those in need no matter what!


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