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Two MACC officers flee from the media after being charged with fraud

Run, Forrest, run!

JOHOR BARU – Two Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) officers tore across the street to evade members of the media after they were charged with cheating.

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Amir Isham Shahak, 32, and Wan Kamarul Za’im Wan Mansor, 34, were accused of soliciting RM40,000 from an individual in exchange for their assistance in resolving an ongoing case.

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Two macc officers evading media after fraud charges
Screenshot via: SinarHarian

They were charged with committing the crime at a restaurant in Simpang Renggam at 7.57 pm last October.

Amir Isham, an assistant superintendent at the Kluang branch, pleaded guilty whereas Wan Kamarul, who works at the Johor MACC, pleaded not guilty.

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Judge Ahmad Kamal allowed the duo to be released on a RM7,000 bail in one surety each and ordered them to surrender their passports to the court.

‘Everything’s rotten to the core’

After a video of the disgraced officers sprinting away was posted by Malaysia Gazette on Twitter, it quickly gained attention and garnered 10.4k retweets at press time.

Netizens have largely expressed their disappointment in the justice system, with one noting that “everyone has a price where he/she can be bought”.

Another user wrote, “Everything [is] rotten to the core. This country is beyond redemption at the moment to be honest.”

Others tried poking fun at the situation, with one netizen adding cartoonish sound effects to the original clip.

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Cover Images via TheStar and MalaysiaGazette

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