[VIDEO] Lorry crashes into more than 10 parked cars, leaving behind massive scratches

Don't want your car damaged? Park properly then.

PUTRAJAYA – Police have identified the driver of a lorry crashing into multiple parked cars, leaving a trail of scratches and broken side mirrors.

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According to CCTV footage, the lorry was seen colliding into a red car and another white car parked on the left shoulder of the road.

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Lorry crashes into more than 10 parked cars, leaving behind massive scratches
Screenshot via Facebook/ sukan star tv

Realising that he had messed up, the driver attempted to flee the scene by reversing a little before slamming on the gas pedal and driving away.

The incident is believed to have occurred the at the Parcel E Government Complex here.

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‘Parking isn’t allowed here’

In a separate video taken by an eyewitness, long lines of scratches can be seen etched onto the doors along with pieces of shattered glass on the ground.

Putrajaya District Police Chief Assistant Commissioner A. Asmadi Abdul Aziz said that the lorry driver will be summoned to give a statement at the Putrajaya District Police Headquarters (IPD).

“All car owners involved in the incident have also given their statements and this case will be investigated under Section 42 of the Road Transport Act 1987, ”he said.

You can watch the full video here:

It was also revealed by CGSO Parcel E that the area had been gazetted as a non-parking space.

“As such, the car owners will not receive compensation for the damages incurred as they had parked their vehicles at a prohibited area,” it said.

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