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“Time To Move On” — PAS MPs Admit Defeat Graciously

Deputy religious affairs minister told PAS supporters to keep praying for a miracle.

There was much joy and jubilation among Malaysians after it was confirmed that Anwar Ibrahim would be Prime Minister.

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As for his opponents in PAS, they have since come to terms with the fact that they will no longer be able to form the federal government with PN chairman Muhyiddin Yassin at the helm.

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‘It’s time to move on’

One of them was Pendang MP Datuk Awang bin Hashim, who wrote in a Facebook post that PAS had tried its best.

“We accept all that has been determined by God. God willing, there is a silver lining in this.”

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Echoing similar sentiments was Padang Terap MP Nurul Amin Hamid, who urged PAS supporters to move on.

 The struggle for Islam will not stop. Move on.

As for former deputy religious affairs minister Datuk Ahmad Marzuk bin Shaary, he said that PAS supporters should continue to pray for a “miracle”, adding that the party will be going though uncertain times.

He also said that Malaysians can expect to hear of “unexpected events” very soon.

God will be with us. Today is not the end, we still have tomorrow.


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