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This Pet Friendly Cafe In Puchong Is So Good That I Actually Regret Going There

Attention, to all weak hearted dog lovers!
I recently took my dogs for a walk and discovered a café in Puchong Jaya. Intrigued, I decided to try out their dishes.

While I say I regret going there, this is because it has left such a lasting impression on me that it’s now a newfound obsession.

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The café, named ‘C’est La Vie,’ boasts of a rich and charming ambiance. Once I entered, it felt very cozy and homely, almost like I was abroad.

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Pet cafe customers
Photo via WeirdKaya

Another plus point is the café is pet-friendly, allowing customers’ pets to roam freely in an exceptionally clean and spotless environment.

The café’s decor stands out with its calming color scheme and pet-accommodating design. A key feature is their strict cleanliness policy. Whenever someone’s pet defecates, the staff will promptly disinfect and mop the area.

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C'est la vie cafe cafe owner with puppies
Photo via WeirdKaya

Despite my dogs being somewhat unruly during our visit, the café staff maintained their smiles, showcasing commendable customer service—a notable attribute for any café.

Food for the humans

I’ve been to many fancy cafés where the food doesn’t justify the price. Walking into this café, I braced myself for the usual – high prices, average eats. But I was glad to be proven wrong.

I chose a burger called ‘Porky Porky’ and it was a taste bud adventure. The plating was also magazine-worthy.

As for the sauce, its rich, mouth-watering flavour made it not just a meal, but an exceptional experience in every way.

Burger, mushroom soup, matcha and croissant
Photo via WeirdKaya

My mother tried ‘Oh Crab’, a RM30 croissant filled with crab meat. At first, I was skeptical about the crab meat’s authenticity but was pleasantly surprised to find it was really stuffed with real crab meat.

My sister tried what seemed to be a basic mushroom soup, but it turned out to be incredibly tasty, bursting with rich, mushroom flavors.

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After our meal, we were very curious to try out the desserts so we settled for the Salted Caramel croffle. It was so delicious that I finished it in just 10 minutes.

Salted caramel croffle
Photo via WeirdKaya

For drinks, my mom had a matcha latte and though I’m not a matcha fan myself and can’t give an accurate review, you can see that she clearly enjoyed it.

Woman drinking matcha
Photo via WeirdKaya

All-in-all, the menu is so well-crafted that even a picky eater would be able to find something that fits his/her preferences.

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Food for the pups

During our visit, the cafe had only ‘Paw-sta’ available for pets, which is basically pasta made specially for the furry visitors. Though our puppies loved it, I have to say that they had a digestive aftermath. The cafe also offers free water upon request.

One area for improvement is that the cafe should consider expanding its food options for pets as I personally found it to be too limited.

Puppies eating dog food at a cafe
Photo via WeirdKaya

Back for more

For the first time in a long time, I actually went back to C’est La Vie for dessert the next day because I simply couldn’t get over how good it was.

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On my second visit, I ordered a salted caramel milkshake which wasn’t on the regular menu but the staff were generous enough to handcraft it specially for me.

The best part about it? The plant-based whipped cream was heavenly. Just writing about it makes me want to go back in time and try it once again.

Aside from the milkshake, the staff even gave my puppies free collars for Christmas!

Christmas collar for dogs
Photo via WeirdKaya

Without a doubt, C’est La Vie is a place I’ll definitely visit again as it’s perfect not only for a good meal, but also to spend quality time with your pets.

Additionally, if you’re extroverted, this café is ideal for making friends and starting conversations with other customers, many of whom are always open to chat.

Couples with their dog having coffee at a cafe
Photo via WeirdKaya

Getting there

If you’re planning to pay the cafe a visit, simply search for ‘C’est La Vie Cafe and Bar’ on Waze and you’ll be on your way.

Their operating hours are 9am to 12pm on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, and 9am to 10pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, while it’s closed on Wednesday.

Alternatively, you can check out their page on Instagram at @clvcafebar to find out more!

C'est la vie cafe exterior
Photo via WeirdKaya


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