These M’sian Men Sell Roti Canai For RM16 In China & Have Even Picked Up The Chongqing Dialect!

Just WOW!
If you have the confidence and know what you’re doing, you can survive anywhere. And these two individuals are the proof.

Living in China, two Malaysian Indians have captured the attention of many by selling Roti Canai for 25 yuan, roughly RM16 each.

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What makes them stand out? They fluently speak the Chongqing dialect with their customers.

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M’sians sell roti canai in China

According to Oriental Daily News, this dynamic duo, hailing from Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur, share a familial bond, with one being the brother-in-law of the other.

A video posted by a Xiaohongshu user, 辣芷的美食日记, shows these two men making Roti Canai and interacting with customers.

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“Met Indian Roti with high level Chongqing dialect on the streets of Congqing! Clean and hygienic?! I feel like a clown” the OP captioned.

In the video, one of the men is happily taking orders from customers. When asked how long he’s been doing business in China, he replied, “5 years.”

Their enthusiastic demeanor and mastery of the local dialect leave everyone impressed.

Actually, there are quite a number of videos about these two hardworking men selling Roti Canai on Xiaohongshu and Douyin platforms.

Netizens found the uncle adorable

In the comments, some netizens found the uncle’s speaking and interactions with customers adorable and even praised him for his good pronunciation.

“The uncle is very cute, the blogger is also very cute, and the Chinglish is quite fluent.”

“Wow, the uncle is so cute!”

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“Haha, that’s so funny! Your Chongqing dialect skills are top-notch!”


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