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This M’sian Man Is Looking For Someone To Shower His Crocodiles Monthly For RM1,500

Anyone needs a part time job?
While caring for pets like they’re our own children is quite common, this particular situation is rather unique and unusual.

Recently, TikTok influencer @khairuljohari27, known for his love for exotic animals, posted a video in which he mentioned that he was looking for someone to wash his crocodiles and brush their backs and teeth once a month.

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Crocodile owner replies to a comment
Screenshot via TikTok/@khairuljohari27

On the lookout for someone to shower his crocodiles monthly

In the video, Johari was seen washing the backs of his crocodiles while explaining the need for a helper to care for them. Additionally, he responded to a previous comment where someone asked if the crocodiles might end up biting him.

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They are like my friends and I’m very sure that they will not bite me as they know I have been taking care of them ever since they were small.

Crocodile owner explains why its hard for him to take care of his crocodiles
Screenshot via TikTok/@khairuljohari27

Speaking to WeirdKaya, Johari explained that he was quite serious about hiring someone to take care of his crocodiles because he is frequently out of town, and his wife is currently pregnant.

He added that he is willing to pay RM1,500 to anyone who is willing to shower his crocodiles, brush their teeth, and their backs once a month to ensure they are always clean.

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Msian man shows how he brushes his crocodile's back
Screenshot via TikTok/@khairuljohari27

Johari also mentioned that his ultimate goal is to open a mini zoo for his children, who love animals as much as he does and that he’s currently in need of staff.

Netizens were amused

In the comment section, netizens were abuzz over Johari’s offer and expressed admiration for his opportunity to get up close with crocodiles.

‘Oh my God…how amazing to see that you are doing something many can’t.’

M'sian man willing to pay rm1500 to whoever showers his crocodiles once a month comment 1
Screenshot via TikTok/@khairuljohari27

‘My brother said he wants the job as it was his dream ever since he was a kid.’

M'sian man willing to pay rm1500 to whoever showers his crocodiles once a month comment 2
Screenshot via TikTok/@khairuljohari27

However, some still expressed apprehension over getting this close and personal to a creature widely known to be an apex predator.

M'sian man willing to pay rm1500 to whoever showers his crocodiles once a month comment 3
Screenshot via TikTok/@khairuljohari27

Watch the video here:

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