Man travels to Langkawi for solo honeymoon after getting dumped by his fiancée

Checking into Langkawi's Heartbreak Hotel.

Following the implementation of the tourism bubble, many have flocked to Langkawi for getaways, wedding banquets, honeymoons, and so forth.

Sadly for this young man, what was supposed to be a fairytale soon turned into heartbreak in a blink of an eye.

From honeymoon to solo trip

Last Saturday (Oct 9), TikToker Ferdaus Mansor posted a video of him travelling alone to his honeymoon destination Langkawi, which has made rounds on social media.

Cheque that ferdaus was about to give to her fiancee
Credit: Ferdaus Mansor

In the video, it can be seen that Ferdaus uses a lighter to burn an RM15,000 check, which was supposed to be the bride’s dowry. He also burnt the invitation card that was printed for his wedding.

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Ferdaus burning the cheque
Credit: Ferdaus Mansor

I’m the first to say that I’m not perfect and you’re the first to say you want the best thing…but now I know a perfect way to let you go.

Give my last hello, hope it’s worth it when you called off the wedding a month before our big day.”

Still a go

Not wanting to waste the money spent on the trip, Ferdaus decided to go to the place where he initially planned to surprise his then-fiancée all by himself.

Ferdaus arrives at his honeymoon destination at langkawi
Credit: Ferdaus Mansor

“The way you love me is not the way I want it to be,” one caption reads in the video.

Towards the end, Ferdaus also wished her luck in finding a better man as he believed she deserves better.



♬ Here’s Your Perfect – Jamie Miller

WeirdKaya has reached out to Ferdaus but he declined to comment further, adding that he was uncomfortable sharing more details.

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‘We feel you, bro’

The video has since garnered over 1.1million views and 5,000 comments, with many comforting Ferdaus over his loss.

A netizen advised Ferdaus to be patient and wait for a better partner, while another wrote, “Totally understand, bro. Stay powerful!”

M'sian travels alone to langkawi for honeymoon as his fiancée dumps him out of the blue_comment(5)
M'sian travels alone to langkawi for honeymoon as his fiancée dumps him out of the blue_comment(4)

Another noted that Ferdaus had the looks and money and wondered why he was still abandoned by his partner.

Another called Ferdaus’ fiancée out, saying that she was a ‘bad woman’ in calling off the relationship in this manner. However, Ferdaus defended her, explaining that they ‘weren’t meant to be together’.

M'sian travels alone to langkawi for honeymoon as his fiancée dumps him out of the blue_comment(6)

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Cover Images via TikTok

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