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Thai Woman Strangles Ex-Convict Who Broke Into Her House To Death

Police are now looking into whether she did it out of self-defense.
Whenever one’s home is broken into, the owner will do whatever it takes to ensure that no belongings are stolen and protect the inhabitants from harm too.

A woman in Thailand who merely wanted to protect herself from an ex-convict who broke into her home and wanted to rape her unintentionally killed him by strangling him to death with a cloth.

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Robber breaking into a house
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Thai woman strangles ex-convict to death

According to Thaiger, the incident took place at a town named Bueng Kan at around midnight last Friday (May 3) when the victim, Urai, was asleep.

However, her slumber was shattered when the suspect, 32-year-old Bunjong, broke into her home with the aim of raping her.

In her recounting of the harrowing incident to the local police, Urai said Bunjong made his way towards her and covered her mouth with a cloth in order to muffle her screams.

Woman's mouth covered with tape
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In a bid to break free from his grip, Urai struggled with Bunjong for over 30 minutes before finally breaking free by biting his finger.

She then proceeded to strangle Bunjong with the cloth he had used to gag her previously until he became lifeless.

After seeing that Bunjong didn’t move a muscle, Urai quickly went to seek help from her neighbours.

When police arrived at the scene, they found Bunjong’s naked corpse while still having the cloth firmly around his neck.

Ex-convict strangled to death in thailand
Photo via Thaiger

Had a violent criminal past

According to a village head named Boonruang, Bunjong was no stranger to breaking the law, where he was previously convicted of firearms possession and trespassing many times.

He was also reportedly struggling with a drug addiction and would often descend into violent outbursts, which caused his own mother to move out of the home for her safety.

Meanwhile, the police are currently investigating and gathering evidence to determine whether Urai had acted out of self-defense.

However, Bunjong’s relatives have not expressed any intention of filing legal action against her, given his past violent behavior.


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