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All For A PS5: Thai Man Loses 10kg After Wife Promises Him Game Console If He Lost Weight

Real dedication.

Following its release in Nov 2020, the Playstation 5 (PS5) has been hard to get due to supply chain disruption and semiconductor shortages caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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A Thai man however, didn’t let that stop him from getting his hands on the game console and lost a staggering 10kg after he wife promised to get him one if he shed those pounds.

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Photo via Unsplash

Lost 10kg to get PS5

In a Facebook post dated Oct 18, Prab Laoharojanaphan wrote that his wife gave him a challenge to lose 10kg.

If he succeeded in doing so, he would be given a PS5 as a reward.

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Four months into the challenge, Laoharojanphan proved to be successful in his endeavor and even posted an edited photo of him holding a PS5 to celebrate.

Check out his drastic transformation here:

Shared the secret of his success

In the post, Laoharojanphan also shared his strategy for those who were looking to follow his weight loss plan.

First off, he suggested intermittent fasting, where one refrains from consuming calories for an extended period of time.

Start from 16-8, then gradually reduce meal timing to 18-6 and 20-4 respectively. Currently I alternate between 20-4 on one day and one meal per day on the next day.

Next up, Laoharojanphan recommended alternating between cardio and strength training as exercises.

As for his diet, he wrote that he followed a 80-20 ratio between keto and treats, where the latter consisted of meals with loved ones during special occasions.

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He also recommended the book The Obesity Code – Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss by Dr. Jason Fung, calling it “very important”.

The obesity code
Photo via Apple Books

“We need a certain knowledge to understand complex causes of obesity and use that knowledge to create a strategy that fits our own body and lifestyle,” he wrote.

Read the post here:

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Netizens approve of diet plan

Laoharojanphan’s post has since garnered more than 600 reactions, where netizens were amazed to see his transformation and congratulated him on reaching his goal.

Some have also given their seal of approval for his diet plan and recommended reading, where one called it a “game-changer”.

All for a ps5: thai man loses 10kg after wife promises him game console if he lost weight comment 1
Screenshot via FB/Prab Laoharojanaphan
All for a ps5: thai man loses 10kg after wife promises him game console if he lost weight comment 2
Screenshot via FB/Prab Laoharojanaphan

Laoharojanphan later told WeirdKaya that he will be getting the PS5 in late November.

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What will you do in order to get a PS5? Let us know in the comments!


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