‘Catch Me If You Can’ — Thai Man Dares Police To Arrest Him On FB, Gets Caught In The End

Be careful for what you wish for.
There’s a saying that goes, ‘You can run but you can’t hide’, where it’s usually used to describe the eventual karma and justice that awaits those guilty of committing heinous crimes.

A Thai fugitive who had been on the run from the authorities for more than a decade got a tad too confident in his ability to outsmart them and foolishly taunted them on social media, which led to his arrest.

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Thai man dares police to arrest him on FB

According to Thaiger, the 35-year-old fugitive named Wuttichai had been wanted by police since April 21, 2008 after he allegedly stabbed a man at a bar in Phuket following an argument.

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Wuttichai taunts police on fb
Photo via FM91

For the next 16 years, Wuttichai was constantly able to evade capture by the police by changing jobs. However, this same success was also what led to his downfall.

Emboldened and insanely confident by his ability to be one step ahead of the police, Wuttichai uploaded a photo of himself on Facebook and threw a challenge at the authorities to come for him.

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Which cop dares to arrest someone like me? I’ve been wanted since 2007. No cop is brave enough. I’m in Ta Khun; come if you can.”

Nabbed by police

Upon seeing Wuttichai’s cocky Facebook post, the police became even more determined to track him down.

After much probing, they discovered that he was working at a durian purchasing shop in the Lang Suan district in Chumphon and managed to arrest him at a parking lot on June 1, reported Khaosod.

Wuttichai arrested
Photo via Khaosod

Following his arrest, Wuttichai admitted to stabbing the man but claimed that he did it out of self-defense.

He also revealed that he never expected his Facebook post would cause him to get caught as he did it for fun.

Wuttichai was subsequently handed over to the Patong Police Station in Phuket, where he’s expected to face charges for attempted murder.


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