Tesla Driver Rams Into M’sian Motorcyclist Who Hit Side Mirror Out Of Anger

Nobody won.
Road rage occurs when one is unable to control his/her emotions while on the road and takes it out on other motorists regardless of who was right or wrong.

A Tesla driver and a motorcyclist both fell victim to their inability to control their rage, resulting in a damaged side mirror and one of them possibly getting hurt.

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Tesla driver rams into M’sian motorcyclist who hit side mirror

In an 18-second video shared on X (formerly Twitter) by a user named @dellidrus, it showed a red Tesla cutting into a lane on its left with its signal light turned on.

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However, as it was cutting into the lane, the driver failed to see a motorcyclist that was coming from behind, nearly causing a collision.

Motorcyclist hits tesla's side mirror
Screenshot via X/@dellidrus

The motorcyclist, boiling with rage over the Tesla driver’s action, then angrily hit the side mirror with his hand.

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A split second after, the Tesla suddenly rammed into the motorcyclist and caused him to crash into the barrier and tumble on the road.

Tesla rams into motorcyclist
Screenshot via X/@dellidrus

According to the video’s timestamp, the altercation took place at around 8.24am yesterday (May 13). However, the exact location isn’t known.

‘Both were wrong!’

The clip has since garnered 1.5 million views at the time of writing, with netizens largely pointing the blame at both the Tesla driver and motorcyclist.

‘Both didn’t want to lose at first (both were probably wrong) and it caused them to be side by side. Next, one of them could either brake of speed up. Then, the rider looked like he wanted to smash the side mirror but got the wrong driver and ended up the way he was.’

Tesla driver rams into m'sian motorcyclist who hit side mirror out of anger comment 1
Screenshot via X/@dellidrus

‘The Tesla driver was dumb for not noticing the motorcyclist that was coming halfway and cut into the left lane. As for the motorcyclist, why must he break the Tesla’s side mirror? In short, both were wrong.’

Tesla driver rams into m'sian motorcyclist who hit side mirror out of anger comment 2
Screenshot via X/@dellidrus

‘As a freelance traffic analyst, the motorcyclist was in the wrong as the car had already given a signal. Whatever the situation, the vehicle in front is always right as they have to keep a distance. Anyway, the Tesla was also wrong for knocking down the motorcyclist.’

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Tesla driver rams into m'sian motorcyclist who hit side mirror out of anger comment 3
Screenshot via X/@dellidrus

Watch the video here:


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