M’sian Road Rager Goes Berserk & Chases After Driver Who Overtook Him On Highway

The aggressor attempted to open the driver’s door.
A shocking incident unfolded on the highway yesterday when a road rage driver, despite having his family in the car, aggressively pursued another driver after being overtaken.

According to the video, the altercation began when the aggressor, who had his wife and children in the vehicle, refused to allow another driver to pass.

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Feeling provoked when he was eventually overtaken, the man engaged in reckless behaviour by tailgating and displaying aggressive gestures.

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Confront him in the middle of the highway

The person involved reported that the situation escalated when the aggressive driver stopped his car in the middle of the highway, dangerously stepping out to confront the other driver.

Road rage driver attempt to open door
Image via FB/Manojnath Krishnamurthi

This act of stopping not only put his own family’s lives at risk but also endangered other drivers and motorists as he attempted to initiate a physical confrontation.

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The aggressor approached and attempted to open the other driver’s door, but was met with refusal and resorted to a verbal confrontation instead.

Ask to “settle”

After an intense confrontation, the driver left the aggressor and drove away, attempting to defuse the conflict.

However, the incident continued as the aggressor tried to overtake again, this time allegedly seeking to “settle” the dispute.

The roadrage driver (2)

Image via FB/Manojnath Krishnamurthi

The ongoing pursuit and behaviour displayed a severe lack of regard for road safety and professional conduct.

The driver who posted the video has also shown a police report that he made afterwards.

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