This M’sian Teen Has Been Eating Only Biscuits For The Past 16 Years

For most of us, we would probably get sick and tired of eating the same food for days in a row, even if it’s our favorite foods.

But for this teenager currently studying in Shah Alam, he has been growing up eating the same food throughout his entire life — biscuits.

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Been eating only biscuits for the past 16 years

Meet 16-year-old Ariq Darius Abdullah Saidi, a student from Maahad Tahfiz Al-Quran Ibaadur Rahman who’s unable to swallow any kind of food except for biscuits.

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If he eats anything aside from biscuits, his body will forcefully regurgitate it out.

This m'sian teen has been eating only biscuits for the past 16 years | weirdkaya
Photo via Berita Harian

Speaking to Berita Harian about his unusual diet, Ariq said he initially found it embarrassing to disclose to his friends about his condition.

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When I was in primary school, many asked why I didn’t go to the canteen. I gave excuses like not being interested in the food sold there, but eventually, they came to understand my condition.

“I don’t salivate over foods that are often favorites of teenagers like burgers, ice cream, or instant noodles. None of them can be swallowed.

“If I’m hungry, a few pieces of chocolate biscuits are enough for me, especially when dipped in water,” he said.

Despite his condition, Ariq is rather active in school activities, especially in sports like badminton and soccer.

Condition caused by milk virus

Strangely, Ariq’s twin sister doesn’t suffer from the same condition and has no problems eating various kinds of food.

His mother, Suhada Abu Hassan, told the Malay daily that Ariq contracted a milk virus when he was six months old.

She added that after leaving the hospital, she fed him various types of food like other children his age would consume but they were regurgitated except for milk.

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Ariq and his twin sister
Photo via Berita Harian

“One day, I fed him biscuits that happened to be at home. To prevent them from getting stuck in his throat, I dipped them in milk.

“I was surprised that he enjoyed eating them and didn’t vomit it out. Eventually, it became his main food every day,” she said, adding that chocolate biscuits dunked in any kind of liquid was Ariq’s “favorite”.

Remains worried over son’s condition

While Ariq continues to grow normally despite surviving on biscuits alone, Suhada said she’s still concerned for his general wellbeing.

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“We’ve tried cooking delicious dishes and taking Ariq to restaurants usually favored by children, but it’s not effective.

“If forced to eat, he will vomit and this has been a source of stress to us,” she said.

Man vomiting into a bucket
For illustration purposes only. Photo via Freepik

Suhada said she has consulted doctors multiple times but none of their advice has offered respite for Ariq’s condition.

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“The doctor said it’s common at an early stage because eventually, he will accept other foods. But the reality is that it hasn’t happened.”


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