Teen Films Himself Having Sex With 16yo Girlfriend, Gets Beaten To Death By Her Father

He later died due to his injuries the next day.

An 18-year-old boy has died after he was savagely beaten by two men aged 43 and 50 at Jalan Tun Jugar, Sarawak on Thursday (July 28).

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China Press reported that the incident was sparked when the victim, Phang Di Ran (translation), filmed and disseminated a video of him having sex with his 16-year-old girlfriend.

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The news later reached the ears of the girl’s father, who confronted Phang along with a friend.

Beaten with fists and plastic chairs

Upon confronting Phang, the girl’s father began raining down punches and slaps before pummeling him with plastic chairs.

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Phang was also allegedly stripped naked according to videos circulating on the Internet.

Photo via China Press

After the beatdown, the girl’s father sent Phang to the police station instead of the hospital, where he accused him of sexually assaulting underaged girls.

Phang’s parents were summoned to the station and found him unable to speak along with a badly bruised face and nose.

It was later revealed that Phang suffered a condition called hemophilia, a bleeding disorder where the blood cells are unable to clot properly.

Succumbed to injuries

Phang was then sent to the Sarawak General Hospital to receive treatment but died due to severe head injuries at 5am on Friday (July 29), according to China Press.

Image via NST

The Kuching district police headquarters have since confirmed the incident on their Facebook page, where they said they received a report of the assault at 1am on July 29.

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Two men were also arrested and taken to court, where they were remanded for seven days to aid in police investigations.

The case is now being investigated under Section 302 of the Penal Code for murder, where the offender will face the death penalty if convicted.

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Cover image via China Press

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