“I Deserve Better” — M’sian Teacher Unhappy With Spice Rack She Got As Retirement Gift

How ungrateful.

Retirement is often a memorable occasion for those who’ve spent a considerable amount of years working as it signals the start of a well deserved break.

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As such, it’s common for retirement parties to be thrown and gifts presented to the retiree. However, some may not be appreciative of it, just like this teacher.

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For illustration purposes only. Photo via Wishes Choice

Complains about spice rack

In a tweet by a netizen named @paropijoh, she recounted how a teacher ranted about not getting her desired item as her retirement gift.

According to the thread, she and her headmaster had gathered funds together to purchase a rotating spice rack for the teacher.

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For illustration purposes only. Photo via Dunelm

Unexpectedly, the teacher became upset upon receiving the spice rack and sent her a text expressing her unhappiness.

“I’m very disappointed with the gift you all gave me today. Why didn’t you ask me what I want?” she wrote.

She also said that she felt unappreciated by being given a gift she never asked for despite her many years of service to the school.

To add insult to injury, she even told @paropijoh to find someone else to take the spice rack as she disliked keeping things she doesn’t fancy.

‘I deserve a proper gift’

The teacher then went on to make her demands in another text message, where she listed down her dream retirement gift.

I too deserve a proper gift which I like so I’d be happy if I could get a comforter set or a nice travelling bag. I think I deserve to get something useful for my retirement.

Although the teacher offered to top up the additional amount if needed, her ungratefulness didn’t sit well with @paropijoh, who revealed that aside from the spice rack, a set of decorative canvas paintings was given as well, which was more than RM 120 in total.

Screengrab via Twitter/@paropijoh

In the end, she wrote that the headmaster personally apologised to the teacher for giving her something she didn’t like.

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Netizens indignant

In the comment section, netizens were outraged by the teacher’s sense of entitlement and slammed her for being ungrateful about her retirement gift.

Screengrab via Twitter/paropijoh
Screengrab via Twitter/paropijoh

What do you think of the teacher’s response? Let us know in the comments!


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