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TCL Debuts Next-Gen TVs & Air-Conditioners with Groundbreaking Technology for Sustainable Living

TCL, a leading consumer electronics brand and the world’s second-largest TV brand, today unveiled an impressive lineup of next-gen TVs and air-conditioners at a media launch event held in Bangsar South.

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Tcl team

The highlight of the event was the world’s largest 115″X955 Max QD-Mini LED TV, alongside the large-screen QD-Mini LED TCL C855, and C655, known for their QLED Pro technology and AiPQ Pro Processor.

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Another exclusive product of the event was the TCL FreshIN air conditioner featuring the patented 2 Way Fresh Air system & QuadruPuri Filters system technology.

Carolyn Qiu, Managing Director of TCL Malaysia, commenced the event by emphasising that the new range of TVs and air conditioners aligns with TCL’s vision of ‘Building a Sustainable and Connected Future with Advanced Technology’, delivering premium performance and an immersive experience.

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In a fast-changing technological landscape, merging home entertainment and office work has become a pivotal trend, reshaping how we interact with our living spaces.

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As a result, the Malaysian home entertainment market is projected to surpass US$35 billion by 2024, and an average revenue per installed Smart Home is expected to reach approximately US$49.01 (Source: Statista).

Therefore, TCL’s launch of Smart Home TVs and air conditioners is well-positioned to capitalise on the growing demand for high-quality, immersive viewing and living experiences.

TCL 115″X955 Max QD-Mini LED TV

In a groundbreaking revelation, TCL has secured its position as the second-largest global brand and the leader in the worldwide market for 98-inch televisions.

Tcl 115_x955 max qd-mini led tv

The launch of the 115″X955 Max not only sets a new standard for viewing experiences but also surpasses OLED technology.

With a peak brightness of 5,000 nits and over 20,000 local dimming zones, it offers unparalleled visual clarity and vividness for a healthier and more inspiring future.

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Additionally, the 115″X955 Max features upgraded QD-Mini LED technology, known as QLED PRO, which offers superior colour gamut and accuracy compared to OLED displays.

With the ability to achieve 100,000 hours of colour stability, viewers can enjoy lifelike colours that remain vibrant and true to life over time.


The TCL C855 QD-Mini LED TV is another visual masterpiece from TCL that redefines visual entertainment with astonishingly vivid visuals, lifelike colours, and an ultra-high contrast ratio.

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Tcl c855 qd-mini led tv

Featuring over 2,000 local dimming zones and 3,500 nits peak brightness, its 144Hz VRR adapts to different input frame rates in real-time, preventing screen tearing and ensuring a smooth, immersive gameplay experience.

Additionally, the 60W ONKYO audio system and Dolby Atmos provide a 360-degree sound experience, complemented by the 2.2.2 multi-channel audio with six sound channels, elevating every family gathering or gaming session to a truly immersive level.


For individuals seeking the ultimate entertainment experience, TCL C655 boasts unparalleled picture quality, delivering stunning visuals with a palette of over 1 million shades and a colour volume of up to 95% according to the DCI-P3 standard.

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Tcl c655 qled tv

Powered by Quantum Dot technology and the AiPQ Pro Processor, the TCL C655 incorporates dozens of Ai-Picture-Quality-optimising algorithms, enhancing clarity, contrast, HDR support, colours, and motion to provide a captivating viewing experience like no other.

TCL FreshIN Air Conditioner

In Malaysia’s humid climate with year-round rainfall, the FreshIN air conditioner, equipped with TCL’s patented 2 Way Fresh Air system technology, offers an ideal solution for maintaining comfortable and healthy indoor air quality.

It provides a comprehensive supply of fresh air at 60 cubic meters/hr and expels indoor air at 30 cubic meters/hr, enhancing thermal comfort and user experience.

Tcl freshin-1

The Exhaust Mode removes odours and harmful substances like formaldehyde, and kitchen waste smells.

At the same time, the Purification Mode, with its QuadruPuri Filters system and HEPA high efficiency and high-density filters, effectively filters fine particles, dust, and bacteria, ensuring healthy indoor air quality.

Following the official launch, TCL announced that the 115″X955 Max QD-Mini LED TV would be available in the Malaysian market via pre-order through TCL’s official online store and authorised dealer stores.

The C855 and C655 series will be offered in various sizes to meet the diverse needs of consumers. The selling price for the 50-inch C655 starts at RM2,999, while the 75-inch C855 starts at RM15,799. As for the 115″X955 Max, the retail price is RM149,999.

For more product information, please visit their official website.

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