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Malaysia Ultra-Trail By UTMB To Bring The Trail Running World To The Jungles Of Malaysia

Where are you, runners?

Malaysia Ultra-Trail™ by UTMB®, formerly known as the Malaysian  Mountain Trail Festival, has joined the UTMB World Series and is set to welcome runners from around the world to Taiping and the incredible jungles of northwest Malaysia.

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The 2024 event will take place from 15- 17 November, with entries opening for UTMB Index holders on 4 June while general registration opens to all runners on 6 June.

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The event was founded back in 2018 by Ewegene Tan, who remains the Race Director for Malaysia Ultra Trail by UTMB.

From 15-17 November, it offers trail runners heading to Malaysia a choice of five races, with a 100K, 50K, 20K (25km) as well as a 13km and a Vertical Kilometre.

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Ewegene Tan looks forward to welcoming runners from around the world to Malaysia for what promises to be an event to remember.

“Prior to our first event in 2018 we spent three years scouting the region for the best possible trails and we can’t wait to welcome the world to Malaysia as a part of the UTMB World Series this November,” explains Tan.

“Malaysia Ultra-Trail by UTMB® will take runners into jungle reserves and the Forest Reserves for which access is limited.

“Runners will traverse a wide variety of unique trails, from old railroad beds to plantation trails, four-by-four tracks and rugged jungles, all based out of the historical town of Taiping which is steeped in history,”  he continues.

“At our heart, we are a community event, trail running is all about bringing people together  and we look forward to expanding our community as we join the UTMB World Series.”

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The event begins with the Vertical Kilometre, or MYVK, on Friday 15 November, with runners climbing  1,000m over the 5.6km course, starting at the foot of Maxwell Hill and finishing at Angkasa, 1,036m above sea level.

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The 100km event, MY100, starts in darkness at 3 am the following day and includes 4,940m of climbing across 98.4km, starting and finishing at Esplanade Taiping, Perak.

Covering a mix of terrain, from single track to dirt roads, runners will have 32 hours to complete the course and cross the finish line. 

At 10 am on Saturday 16 November the 50km event, MY50, will begin, featuring 2,970m of elevation over  48.2km, with a 17-hour cutoY.

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That afternoon will also feature the 25km, MY25, with a 25.8km course including 1,380m of climbing. The final event of Malaysian Ultra-Trail by UTMB® is the MY13, a 14.1km event with 320m of elevation,  beginning on the morning of Sunday 17 November.

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The Malaysian trail-running community now ranks 23rd worldwide and fifth in Asia, following China,  Japan, Thailand, and Hong Kong, and is fully burgeoning and recognised globally as a dedicated trail-running community.

Since its inception in 2018, the Malaysia Mountain Trail Festival swiftly ascended to become a cornerstone event, firmly establishing itself among the country’s top three largest gatherings.

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With a growing influx of Malaysian participants, including those from neighbouring regions of Southeast Asia,  the allure of prestigious international races like UTMB® has intensified. 

This year, an impressive 87 Malaysians have entered the UTMB® lottery, despite the absence of a similar event in their home country, underscoring both the aspirations of local runners and the strategic appeal of UTMB World Series.

The circuit gives all Malaysian trail runners a chance to experience the UTMB® adventure closer to their homes and a chance to collect Running Stones without having to travel long distances.

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Malaysia Ultra-Trail by UTMB® has been made possible thanks to the support of Tourism Malaysia and  Tourism Perak, the Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysia, Perak Forestry Department, Taiping City Council,  Member of Parliament Taiping, Mr Wong Kar Woh and the District OYice of Taiping.  Registrations open:

  • 4 June UTMB Index Priority
  • 6 June General Release

For more information about Malaysia Ultra-Trail by UTMB, please visit this website. For more information about the UTMB World Series visit this website

44 Events are now confirmed for the 2024-2025 UTMB World Series, giving trail-running communities around the world the chance to find a race closer to them. 

UTMB® World Series 2024-2025 calendar (as of 25 May 2024)

  • Tarawera Ultra-Trail™ by UTMB®, New Zealand (17-18 February 2024) 
  • Chianti Ultra Trail by UTMB®, Italy (22-24 March 2024)   
  • Istria 100™ by UTMB®, Croatia (4-7 April 2024)   
  • Desert RATS Trail Running Festival™ by UTMB®, USA (13-14 April 2024)  
  • Ultra Trail Mount Yun by UTMB®, China (19-21 April 2024)   
  • HOKA Canyons Endurance Runs™ by UTMB®, USA (26-27 April 2024)   
  • Amazean Jungle Thailand by UTMB®, Thailand (3-5 May 2024)   
  • Valhöll Argentina by UTMB®, Argentina (9-12 May 2024)    
  • Ultra-Trail Snowdonia by UTMB®, UK (10-12 May 2024)   
  • Trail Alsace Grand Est by UTMB®, France (17-20 May 2024)  
  • Ultra-Trail Australia™ by UTMB®, Australia (16-19 May 2024)   
  • Mountain Ultra Trail™ by UTMB®, South Africa (24-26 May 2024)   
  • mozart 100™ by UTMB®, Austria (1 June 2024)  
  • Tenerife Bluetrail by UTMB®, Spain (6-8 June 2024)
  • Trail du Saint-Jacques by UTMB®, France (14-16 June 2024)   
  • Trail 100 Andorra™ by UTMB®, Andorra (14-16 June 2024)    
  • Mauritius by UTMB®, Mauritius (22-23 June 2024)  
  • La Sportiva™ Lavaredo Ultra Trail™ by UTMB®, Italy (26-30 June 2024)    
  • Western States™ 100 Endurance Run, USA (29 June 2024)   
  • HOKA Val d’Aran by UTMB®, Spain (3-7 July 2024)  
  • Restonica Trail by UTMB®, France (4-6 July 2024)  
  • Trail Verbier St-Bernard by UTMB®, Switzerland (5-7 July 2024)   
  • Eiger Ultra-Trail™ by UTMB®, Switzerland (17-21 July 2024)   
  • Speedgoat™ Mountain Races by UTMB®, USA (19-20 July 2024)   
  • KAT100™ by UTMB®, Austria (1-3 August 2024)  
  • Quito Trail by UTMB®, Ecuador (2-4 August 2024)    
  • HOKA UTMB® Mont-Blanc, France, Italy, Switzerland (26 August–1 September 2024)   
  • Wildstrubel by UTMB®, Switzerland (12-15 September 2024)   
  • Paraty Brazil by UTMB®, Brazil (19-22 September 2024) 
  • Grindstone Trail Running Festival™ by UTMB®, USA (20-22 September 2024)  
  • Julian Alps Trail Run by UTMB®, Slovenia (20-22 September 2024)   
  • Ultra Trail Whistler™ by UTMB®, Canada (28-29 September 2024)  
  • Nice Côte d’Azur by UTMB®, France (3-6 October 2024)   
  • Kodiak Ultra Marathons™ by UTMB®, USA (11-12 October 2024)   
  • TransJeju by UTMB®, South Korea (12-13 October 2024)   
  • Ultra-Trail Ninghai by UTMB®, China (17-20 October 2024)   
  • Kullamannen™ by UTMB®, Sweden (1-2 November 2024)  
  • Mallorca by UTMB®, Spain (1-3 November 2024)
  • Puerto Vallarta México by UTMB®, Mexico (7-9 November 2024)
  • Translantau by UTMB®, Hong Kong (8-10 November 2024)    
  • Malaysia Ultra-Trail™ by UTMB®, Malaysia (14-17 November 2024)
  • Ultra-Trail Kosciuszko™ by UTMB®, Australia (28-30 November 2024)
  • HOKA Chiang Mai Thailand by UTMB®, Thailand (5-8 December 2024)  
  • Arc of Attrition by UTMB®, United Kingdom (24-26 January 2025)

   View the full calendar of events here.

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