Taliban seen riding bumpers cars & merry-go-round after seizing Kabul

The Taliban and theme parks. Name a more ironic duo

AFGHANISTAN – Videos of the Taliban enjoying themselves at a theme park located within Kabul hours after capturing it have circulated wildly on the Internet.

Twitter user @EsteveGirbes01 posted one video showing Taliban fighters having a time of their lives with bumper cars.

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I think this is the most surreal image we can see of the conflict in #Afghanistan and the fall of Kabul.”

Although the fighters were heavily armed, that didn’t stop them from enjoying themselves.

French media outlet Mediavenir also reported that Taliban fighters were also seen riding a merry-go-round at the same park.

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Gym enthusiast?

Aside from playing at the theme park, Lebanese media Mulhak also posted a video of several Taliban fighters curiously exploring and trying out the various equipment at a gym.

The gym was reportedly located within the presidential palace in Kabul.

However, the actual time frame of the video remains unclear.

As the Taliban ‘celebrate’ their victory in occupying the country, many citizens have fled in terror, with some even falling to their own deaths in the process.

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Cover Images via Twitter

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Author: Raymond Chen
Proofreader: Sarah Yeoh