Three reported dead after falling off from a plane departing the Kabul International Airport

Disclaimer: Contains content that some viewers may find distressing

Videos and photos of the Kabul International Airport in Afghanistan has been going viral across social media platforms, with many Afghans attempting to flee the country after it fell into Taliban hands.

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A tweet by @Airlivenet showed thousands of Afghans running beside US aircraft leaving or clinging onto its doors as it was leaving the tarmac.

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Unfortunately, three people paid with their lives when they fell off the aircraft, horrifying many.

Earlier in April, US President Joe Biden announced that a full withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan will be completed by September 11.

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Since then, the Taliban has regained control of the country and successfully captured the capital city Kabul on August 15.

Cover Images via Airlivenet and Mukhtarwafaryee

Author: Raymond Chen
Proofreader: Grace Choong

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