Supportive father drives son all the way from KL to Taiping to meet his online date

Where to get supportive parents like that?

KUALA LUMPUR – So tell us, how many of you lied to your parents about that Tinder date? Or that she’s just a ‘mutual friend’ to hide the fact that you both swipe right?

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While online dating has become popular among our generation, our parents may find it hard to accept that we did not meet our significant other the ‘traditional’ way.

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However, a father went as far as driving from Kuala Lumpur to Taiping for his son to meet a girl he met online.

@remydamak documented the whole experience and shared it on TikTok.

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Road trip to Taiping!

The father @remydamak revealed in the video that his son had been chatting with a girl from another state via social media.

As the two shared mutual affection, they made an appointment to meet each other in Taiping.

Being the spontaneous and supportive father that he is, he decided to drive his son to his date! (With the whole family tagging along, of course.)


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♬ Kisah Cinta Kita – Hafiz Suip

While the younger siblings were excited for the mini getaway, the elder was seen fidgeting, clearly nervous about his date. Even the father teased him about it.

Ah, young love

The family was delighted to finally meet the girl that stole the heart of their son/brother.

Seizing the opportunity to embarrass his son, the family forced them to take a picture together.

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Later, @remydamak decided to give the two love birds privacy and the family parted ways.

“Wow, they even walked into Starbucks! That’s not my style.

The father revealed that his ‘style’ was chicken rice. Though the final bill almost raked up to RM 100, @remydamak shrugged it off saying if it’s for his loved ones.

Netizens’ reactions

The 49 second video has since garnered 36.9k views. Many netizens praised the father’s open-mindedness.

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Some netizens even shared their previous experiences of going on dates that were accompanied by their parents.

“Remember what my parents said at the time: Don’t let your parents lose face.”

Cover image via TikTok/@remydamak.

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Proofreader: Grace Choong

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