Woman reunites with her son whom she couldn’t recognise after months of separation

Can your mom recognise you after 10months?

With interstate travel now allowed for fully vaccinated people, Malaysians have taken the opportunity to reunite with their loved ones after months of separation.

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In a viral TikTok video uploaded by @sufiahnazirah, her brother Alom finally reunited with their mother after close to a year of not being able to meet her in the flesh.

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Mother couldn't recognise her son
Alom approaching his mother.
(Screengrab via TikTok/Sufiahnazirah)

Upon approaching his mother, Alom did not reveal his identity straightaway but instead asked what the time was.

Surprisingly, his mother did not recognise him and thought she was talking to a complete stranger.

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Woman reunites with her son whom she couldn't recognise after months of separation | weirdkaya
Alom pretending to leave after asking for the time.
(Screengrab via TikTok/Sufiahnazirah)

Seeing the confusion on his mother’s face, Alom removed his mask and told her who he was.

Upon recognising her son, Sufi’s mother embraced him tightly and began crying.

Woman reunites with her son whom she couldn't recognise after months of separation | weirdkaya
Reunited at long last.
(Screengrab via TikTok/Sufiahnazirah)

‘He looked very different’

In an interview with mStar, Sufi explained that her mother was unable to recognise Alom due to his immense weight loss.

“He previously weighed 80kg but has since lost 9kg during the time he was away.

“Out of the six siblings, he’s the only one who was unable to visit my mother as he was working as a teacher in Kuala Terengganu,” she said.

She added that as soon travel restrictions were lifted, she quickly arranged for a surprise reunion between Alom and her mother at KLIA.

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The funny and touching reunion has since garnered 14.6k views on TikTok within three days.

Watch the full video here:


Kami adik beradik semua kat Sepang except Alom kat Tganu.. Mak siap tanya x boleh ke kalau g Celcom esok. (sorry video kena manual rotate. Tgh sedih)

♬ original sound – Mal Hamka

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Cover Images via TikTok/Sufiahnazirah

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