Sungai Petani Hawker Requests M’sians To Help Fellow Hawker Who Had Poor Business

In turn, he saw his own stall record a jump in sales.

In the midst of economic downturn and the weakening Ringgit, Malaysian hawkers are struggling to earn a living by selling their wares by the roadside.

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A Sungai Petani hawker recently warmed the hearts of netizens after he took to TikTok to ask his customers to support his fellow hawker who had poor sales.

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‘Please help him!’

In the 12-second video by @apitzaidi, he showed the other hawker sitting dejectedly as there were no customers patronising his stall.

Hawker sitting sadly at stall in sungai petani
Screenshot via TikTok/@apitzaidi

As he couldn’t bear to see his fellow hawker be disheartened, @apitzaidi decided to appeal to the public for their help via TikTok.

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To all Sungai Petani residents, can I ask for your help? This brother here has operated his stall for 2-3 days but there were no customers at all.

“He needs to support his family so would you be so kind to head over to his stall and support him?” he wrote.

@apitzaidi also told his customers that they can head over to his stall and buy banana pancakes after they’ve visited his neighbour’s stall and have cash to spare.

Sungai petani vendor showing his banana pancakes
Screenshot via TikTok/@apitzaidi

Watch the video here:

@apitzaidi_ #popisBropit #MakananViral #SungaiPetani #Bropit #popis #sungaipetanikedah🔰 #TerimaKasih #fypdongggggggg ♬ original sound – Cha_Cinhay😍 – Adzkia Shopping

Saw increase in sales

The clip has since been viewed more than 790,000 times and garnered over 50,000 likes at the time of writing, with netizens praising him for being willing to help his neighbour.

To @apitzaidi’s surprise, his little act of kindness not only helped his fellow’s hawker’s business, but his own as well.

Speaking to mStar, he said that he took the video with the intention of helping out the other hawker.

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However, he never expected to see customers from Selangor, Perak and Penang turning up at his stall in a show of support.

Sungai petani vendor's banana pancakes stall
Screenshot via TikTok/@apitzaidi

He also revealed that he managed to sell more than 800 banana pancakes within four hours .

Whoever said that kindness doesn’t pay?

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