“Stop It Lah”- Khairy Says He Wants To Go To Coldplay Concert & Tells PAS Don’t Go If They Don’t Want To

Stop it. Get some help.

British rock band Coldplay’s concert in Malaysia has stirred up a storm on social media, attracting protestations from Islamic party leaders and religious figures. In response, former Health Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin, expressed his views in a podcast: “If you don’t want to see Coldplay, then simply don’t go.”

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former Health Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin (Image via YouTube/Keluar Sekejap)

Khairy manifested his discontent with the relentless calls from Islamic party leaders for the government to ban the Coldplay concert. He indicated that discussions arguing that the concert lacks benefits or undermines morality should not be perpetuated.

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“We should move past discussions about this concert,” he stated, “If you don’t want to see Coldplay, then just don’t go. It’s that straightforward.”

Khairy conveyed these thoughts during a podcast with the former UMNO publicity chief, Shahril Hamdan, where he emphasized that international rock band performances in Malaysia can indeed stimulate economic prosperity.

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He also pointed out that such a large-scale concert being held in Kuala Lumpur will attract Coldplay fans from neighboring countries, who would boost the local tourism and economy through their visit.

Khairy stated that concert like this will boost the country’s tourism and economy (Image via FB/Coldplay)

“Isn’t this an example of the benefits a large-scale international concert can bring to Malaysia?” he asked.

Furthermore, Khairy mentioned that the Kuala Lumpur concert tickets sold out within just 3 hours, demonstrating Coldplay’s undeniable appeal.

“If Coldplay could hold additional concerts, it would definitely have a positive impact on Malaysia’s economic development,” he added.

He concluded by asserting that such events are crucial to invigorate Malaysia’s economy and encourage its robust growth.

Watch the full video here:

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