PAS Preacher Urges M’sians To Avoid Buying Coldplay Tickets, Says Natural Disasters Tend To Occur At Year End

"Have we not learnt from past disasters?"
The past two days have been nothing short of havoc and heartbreak for fans of British rock band Coldplay, who will be holding their first concert in Malaysia on Nov 22.

Ever since ticket sales kickstarted on Tuesday (May 16), social media has been flooded with posts from overjoyed fans who managed to secure tickets as well as angry ones from those who blamed scalpers and a poor ticketing system which caused them to miss out.

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Coldplay members
Photo via FB/Coldplay

However, the concert has also attracted dissatisfaction from certain parties, with the loudest voice of dissent coming from the Islamist party PAS.

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PAS preacher urges M’sians to avoid buying Coldplay tickets

In a latest statement issued by former Selangor PAS Ulama deputy chief Ahmad Dusuki Abdul Rani on Facebook, he expressed unhappiness over the overwhelming response by Malaysians who were eager to catch Coldplay in action.

He also included a news clipping from Berita Harian, where it reported that concert tickets were sold out within three hours.

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In the caption, he wrote that Malaysians should not forget “warnings from God” which tend to occur during year end in the form of floods, landslides, tsunamis, as well as the Covid-19 pandemic which gripped the world for two years.

Have we not learnt anything from it? To those who are interested in buying tickets, even if you do not fear God, help the innocent ones so that they do not support this accursed program!

Not the first time

Ahmad Dusuki is not alone in his protests against international artists from performing in the country, where PAS has done the same multiple times, such as in the case of K-pop girl group Blackpink, with a PAS MP calling the concert “a bigger threat than religious activities“.

Blackpink members

However, it must be noted that several foreign artists have successfully held concerts in Malaysia when PAS was part of the federal government from 2020 to Nov 2022 such as Billie Eilish, Keshi, and LANY.

What do you think of the preacher’s comments? Let us know what’s your take on it!


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