Still Thinking What To Do After SPM? Join This Workshop To Explore New Horizons & Make A Global Impact 

Forget the stereotypes: Accounting goes beyond numbers and spreadsheets.
Have you ever wondered about the dynamic world of accounting? While some may perceive it as solely about numbers and spreadsheets, the reality is far more intriguing. 

In fact, it revolves around understanding the language of business and making smart decisions that drive success.

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Plus, did you know that there’s a widening shortage of accountants in the world

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This shortage is becoming evident in the financial reports of many U.S.-listed companies, highlighting the high demand for more accounting professionals. Companies like Advance Auto Parts, Joby Aviation, and Evotec have recently disclosed efforts to address weaknesses in their financial reporting due, in part, to a shortage of accounting staff.

And if you’re anything like Sophia, a person with critical thinking, a good understanding of business concepts, and proficiency in mathematics, you’re not alone; many share similar hesitations. Despite her strengths in these areas, Sophia finds herself grappling with doubts when it comes to choosing an accounting course. And there’s always a way to figure things out.

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At Sunway TES Centre for Accountancy Excellence (CAE),  they’re all about shaking up those old stereotypes and showing students the real deal. That’s why they’re pumped to introduce: the “Future Pro-Gen Biz – Strategic Capabilities for World” workshop which has been established since 2019, previously named Future CEO (FCEO).

Did You Know That Sunway TES CAE is being awarded the Prestigious ACCA Platinum Award for 21 consecutive years?

Since 1994, Sunway TES CAE has been the go-to choice for accounting education, recognised as the top accountancy college globally, offering top-notch programmes. The acronym ‘TES’ represents the initials of the esteemed founder, Prof. Teo Ee Sing.

It is also awarded the prestigious ACCA Platinum Award for 21 consecutive years. Dedicated to shaping Malaysia’s financial and accounting future, Sunway TES CAE continues to lead the way nationwide.

Sunway tes

Why choose the Future Pro-Gen Biz Workshop?

Throughout this 7-week workshop, participants will explore emerging learning traits essential for success in the accountancy profession. They’ll engage with key industry priorities, gaining valuable insights into accounting subjects and experiencing real-world simulations guided by industry practitioners.

Sunway tes

Designed specifically for school leavers of SPM, IGCSE, STPM, UEC, and other Pre-University programmes, this workshop is your gateway to a successful career in accounting and beyond. Here’s why you should join:

Discovering new trends in accounting

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In this workshop, participants will explore the evolving landscape of accounting. They’ll gain insights into the latest trends, technologies, and methods shaping the business industry. Understanding these advancements will help participants adapt and thrive in their future accounting careers.

Getting to know accounting subjects

You’ll receive the essentials on key topics from the professional accounting programmes, covering important subjects like financial accounting, management accounting, and business mathematics.

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Rest assured, it won’t be boring. They’ll make learning fun and interactive. By the end, you’ll have a solid understanding of these subjects, perfect for kicking off your journey into accounting and finance.

Industry simulation

You’ll experience the role of a real accountant through engaging simulations guided by experts. Through these exercises, you’ll develop skills in analysing data, making informed decisions, and addressing complex issues encountered by companies.

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What to expect?

Sunway tes

Over the course of seven weeks, you’ll explore essential topics that form the foundation of a successful career in accounting:

  • Week 1: Traits of a Future Pro-Gen Biz
  • Week 2: Beyond the Calculator: The Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
  • Week 3: Effective Business Strategy in the Modern World
  • Week 4: Basics vs. Future
  • Week 5: Communication is Key
  • Week 6: Business in Action
  • Week 7: Accounting for a Better World

Sunway TES Centre for Accountancy Excellence prioritises future readiness. For students joining the June, July, or September intake under Sunway TES CAE programmes, this workshop is offered for FREE* (T&C Applies) —a complimentary opportunity to prepare for what’s ahead. For further details, please visit Sunway TES CAE’s social media channels.

Sunway tes

Are you excited and ready to jump into the world of accounting at Sunway TES CAE? The workshop runs from 6 May to 21 June 2024.

Sunway tes

Secure your spot now by registering using the link below:

Registration form

For more information and updates, follow Sunway TES CAE on social media:

You can also visit their official website to learn more about Sunway TES CAE here.

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