S’porean Woman Shocked Over Being Served Raw Burger Patty At Fast Food Restaurant

Not even middle rare.

In a rather unexpected turn of events at a fast food restaurant in Singapore, a woman encountered a not-so-appetizing surprise with her burger.

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She had ordered a burger from the fast food restaurant, expecting a delightful meal.

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However, upon tasting it, she quickly realized something was amiss.

Literally raw

The patty inside was raw and unappealing.

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Describing it as “cold and mushy,” she couldn’t help but express her dismay.

S'porean woman shocked over being served raw burger patty at fast food restaurant | weirdkaya
Photo from Facebook/ Complaint Singapore

Disturbed by her discovery, the woman lodged a complaint with the restaurant’s manager.

To her relief, the manager was responsive, offering a full refund and even proposing to cover any medical expenses if she fell ill from the incident.

The woman, however, passed on the offer for a replacement burger, too grossed out by her experience.

She went a step further, reporting the incident to the Singapore Food Agency, hoping to raise awareness and ensure such mishaps don’t recur.

According to Mothership, the SFA has taken up the case, investigating the matter, while the restaurant has issued an apology and reinforced the importance of strict cooking protocols across their outlets.

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