S’porean Man Lists Rental Room With No Bed And Aircond For RM2,600 A Month

Only female tenants are welcomed.
In Singapore, a landlord’s decision to rent out a sparsely furnished room for RM2,600 a month has sparked outrage for its exorbitant price.

According to China Press, the rental listing, posted on a popular housing information page, offers a single room in Sengkang specifically to ethnic Chinese women.

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No bed, no air conditioning.

The listed rental room
Image via China Press

Photos from the listing reveal that the room contains only a fan and lacks a proper bed.

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Instead, it features something resembling a daybed typically found in traditional Chinese medicine clinics, which serves as the room’s only furnishing.

Notably, the room also lacks air conditioning, a standard amenity in Singapore’s tropical climate.

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Only woman?

The post on Facebook has drawn additional scrutiny for several reasons.

Typically, housing advertisements that specify female tenants are posted by female landlords for safety reasons.

However, in this unusual case, the landlord is a man. This detail has raised eyebrows, especially since reflections in a glass cabinet captured in the room’s photos reveal the landlord—a middle-aged man shirtless—taking the pictures.

This peculiar situation has led netizens to question the landlord’s intentions, with many expressing discomfort and suspicion over the gender-specific rental condition amid such minimal living provisions.

“In the mirror reflection, a half-naked man can be spotted.”

Comment half naked man spotted
Image via China Press

“Like this also can charge 800 SGD? The price should be around 400 SGD.”

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Comment so expensive
Image via China Press

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