S’porean In Tank Top & Skimpy Shorts Rides Escalator’s Handrail, Supermarket Immediately Sanitise


A peculiar incident on Feb. 23 at a Singapore-based FairPrice supermarket in Bukit Merah Central caught the attention of netizens.

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An individual, clad in a crop top, shorts, and running shoes, was photographed utilizing the handrail of a travellator as a personal ride, moving from the ground floor to the second level of the store.

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The unconventional act quickly became a topic of conversation after photos surfaced online the next day.

Social media users voiced their disapproval, highlighting the stunt’s safety risks and potential hygiene concerns, given that handrails are meant for stability and support.

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The supermarket responded

According to Mothership, FairPrice, a leading supermarket chain in Singapore, took immediate measures to ensure the cleanliness of the affected area by sanitizing the travellator handrails.

A spokesperson from FairPrice addressed the incident, underscoring the importance of customer and employee safety as the supermarket’s top priority.

The company expressed gratitude that the incident did not result in any injuries and reiterated its commitment to providing a secure shopping environment.

The individual involved was also spotted wearing a similar outfit on the North East Line MRT train, roughly 12 hours before the supermarket episode was documented.

S'porean in tank top & skimpy shorts rides escalator's handrail, supermarket immediately sanitise | weirdkaya
Photo by Anastasia Gumlaulee/ Complaint Singapore Facebook

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This sighting contributed to the online discourse, with discussions revolving around the person’s identity and the appropriateness of their attire in a public setting.


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