“Please Learn The Tip Rules” — S’porean Delivery Rider Slams Customer Over RM2.90 Tip

Entitled much?

Tips are sometimes given to delivery riders by customers as a form of appreciation for their hard work.

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However, one delivery rider in Singapore was upset over the S$0.90 (RM2.90) tip he received and took to TikTok to vent his frustration over the measly sum.
Delivery rider and tip jar
Photo via Spot.ph

Received RM2.90 tip

In a TikTok video posted by @sleepingzack, he showed a couple of coins amounting to RM2.90 in tips given to him by a customer.

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However, he felt that he should have been given more as he had made the delivery on a rainy day.

S'porean delivery rider shows rm2. 90 tip
Screenshot via TikTok/@sleepingzack

He then descended into a passive-aggressive tone where he sort of thanked and criticised the customer at the same time.

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Thank you but please learn tip rules in Singapore.

Watch the clip here:

@sleepingzack #singapore ♬ original sound – Zack小巩子 – Zack_sleeping

Gets slammed for being ungrateful

In the comment section, netizens were disgusted by the delivery rider’s sense of entitlement and called him out on it.

Screenshot via TikTok/@sleepingzack
Screenshot via TikTok/@sleepingzack

Others said they weren’t aware of the existence of a tip rule in Singapore, with one replying: “The tip rule? Don’t tip.”

Screenshot via TikTok/@sleepingzack
Screenshot via TikTok/@sleepingzack
Another delivery rider in Singapore was criticised after he complained of not getting tips:

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