[UPDATED] S’porean Man Has His Car Stolen At Genting Highlands In The Dead Of Night


A Singaporean man who was on vacation at Genting Highlands had his Honda Civic Type R stolen from the SkyAvenue mall car park on last Saturday (July 16).

In an interview with Mothership, the man named Damien said he had parked his car near the lift lobby at B3A when he arrived at First World Hotel at around noon on Friday (July 15).

Photo via Mothership

When he was about to go out for a meal with his friends at Gohtong Jaya the next day, he realised that his car was no longer at the car park.

Thinking that he had misremembered where his car was parked, Damien and his friends went to search for it but it was fruitless.

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He also asked for help from the car park’s management, who sent out five motorcycles to comb through the place.

However, the car was nowhere to be seen after two long hours.

‘Not our problem’

Upon realising that his car might have been stolen, Damien reached out to First World Hotel’s management for assistance.

Unfortunately, their response was less than helpful.

When we first reported the theft, they literally replied: Oh? Your car hilang (missing)? Report police there, lost items are not our problem.

“The Malaysian police have also been unable to locate my car,” he said.

Car driven down Genting

Damien’s worst fears became a reality after Malaysian police checked the CCTV footage, which showed his car being driven down the mountain at around 2:43am on Jul. 16.

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Photo via Mothership

A CCTV screenshot also showed the thief driving the car out of the car park by tailgating another car at the exit.

Photo via Mothership

This has left Damien extremely puzzled over how his car got stolen as the CCTV footage showed no signs of a break-in.

He said that he had locked the doors, and performed a manual steering lock by turning his wheel fully after parking it.

“Expensive lesson learnt on behalf of all Singaporeans and car owners. Please be safe when travelling everyone!”

First World Hotel has yet to respond to Mothership’s request for comment.

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Found at Sepang apartment

Sin Chew Daily later reported that the car was eventually found at an apartment in Sepang five days after it first went missing.

Pahang police chief Datuk Ramli Mohamed Yoosuf said the car was successfully located after a sharp-eyed guard at the apartment noticed that the car matched the description and quickly contacted the police.

“Thanks to the guard’s alertness, we have solved the case and we’re now tracking down the thief’s whereabouts,” he said, adding that the case is now being investigated under Section 379A of the Penal Code.

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Cover image via Mothership