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S’pore recalls three Malaysian-made products due to excessive amounts of preservatives

It is also understood that all the products are not sold in Malaysia.
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SINGAPORE – The Singapore Food Authority (SFA) has recently flagged several Malaysian-made pastes and sauces sold in Singapore for containing excessive levels of preservatives.

Photo: Feng He Garden Pte Ltd

No declaration of preservatives on labels

According to investigations, SFA identified three products from Feng He Garden Pte Ltd that did not declare the amount of preservatives on its food packaging label.

Feng he garden, singapore
Feng He Garden Pte Ltd.

Hence, SFA has ordered the importer to recall the said products, which is currently ongoing.

What were the products?

1. Feng He Garden Gan Xiang Paste


2. Feng He Garden Moo-mite Sauce


3. Feng He Garden Salted Egg Yolk Paste

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It is also understood that all the above products are not sold in Malaysia.

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SFA: Don’t consume said products

In a press release, SFA advised the public not to consume the products, adding that ingredients such as food preservatives must be declared on food packaging labels.

Only permitted food preservatives can be used in food products imported or manufactured for sale in Singapore, and these must not exceed the specified maximum levels allowed.

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Cover Images via SFA

Editor: Sarah Yeoh