“Slapped Out Of Nowhere” — M’sian Stunned After She Was Assaulted By A Woman At Hang Tuah LRT Station

A woman was left astonished and shaken after she was slapped by a woman believed to have mental issues at the Hang Tuah LRT station yesterday.

The victim, known as Loy on Twitter, shared the account about how she was assaulted by the woman for no apparent reason.

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She begins her story with a line with capital letters. 

“I was slapped by an insane aunty at Hang Tuah LRT Station.”

Loy then urged netizens to patiently finish reading her thread to be more aware of the risks around and take precautions. 

“I never once expected being slapped by a total stranger.” she tweeted. 

What happened 

According to the tweet, Loy said she was queuing to get off the LRT at the Hang Tuah station when she was suddenly slapped across the face by the woman.

Photo via Twitter/ @pei_loy

Stunned by her actions, Loy and her friend immediately shouted for help from auxiliary police officers nearby.

Sensing that trouble was near, the woman tried to escape by taking the next train but was prevented from doing so.

When Loy’s friend confronted the woman over the assault, he himself was slapped across the face too, which sent his spectacles sprawling to the ground and it was broken on one side.

Photo via Twitter/ @pei_loy

Police intervene

Thankfully, the auxiliary police officers quickly stepped in and apprehended the woman on the spot.

Loy wrote that following the incident, the officers sent her and her friend to the Dang Wangi police station to lodge a report and fetched them back to the LRT station. They were said to have sacrificed their meal and resting time to do so.

Photo via Twitter/ @pei_loy

“My friend and I would like to express our highest appreciation to the members of the PDRM, especially the auxiliary police for their dedicated service, commitment and sacrifice in solving this problem.”

Netizens shocked

The tweet has since garnered more than 500K views and 6K likes so far, with netizens expressing shock over the incident.

Some pointed out that the same woman was also slapping random people at KTM stations years before.

Screenshot via Twitter/ @pei_loy

In the thread, Loy said that she cried for hours and is still traumatised by the assault, adding that her heart would sink to her feet whenever she saw someone with a similar appearance as the woman.

Screenshot via Twitter/ @pei_loy

Police have yet to disclose additional information or details regarding the suspect at the time of writing.

All in all, we hope cases like this will never happen again and everyone can be safe while taking public transport!

**Special thanks to Loy for sharing her story.

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Cover image via Twitter/ @pei_loy

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