“Thanks But No Thanks” — Siti Kasim Panned For Favoring ‘Tacky Flag’ Over Road Safety

Some people just don't listen.

Carrying huge flags during the campaign period for elections is a common sight among politicians. But when used improperly, it can lead to unwanted accidents and injuries.

Prominent lawyer and human rights activist Siti Kasim was recently schooled by netizens after she refused to heed advice over possibly putting motorists in danger with her campaign flag.

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‘Tacky or not, I like it’

Barely two days into campaigning, the candidate for the Batu parliamentary seat was called out by Twitter user @tashny for endangering motorists by carrying her ‘tacky flag’ outside a moving vehicle convoy.

Siti Kasim later responded to the tweet, where she thanked @tashny for the feedback before going on a passive-aggressive stance over the ‘tacky flag’.

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Thank you for your feedback. Tacky or not, I like it. I will inform the team a Batu resident didn’t like to see my tacky flag.

Selective listening much?

Needless to say, Siti’s response was slammed not only by @tashny, but by several Malaysians who said that she had completely lost the plot.

Screengrab via Twitter/@tashny

One asked Siti whether she truly understood the original tweet and even sarcastically inquired what grade she got for MUET. Burnnnnnnnn!

Screengrab via Twitter/@tashny

In case you were wondering what the MUET reference was all about, it was thanks to a viral tweet by a Twitter user who wrote that he was looking for a girlfriend who at least had a Band 4 for the MUET exam.

Others also questioned Siti’s leadership skills if she was unable to accept feedback and criticism.

Screengrab via Twitter/tashny
Screengrab via Twitter/tashny

To rub salt into the wound, apparently carrying the flag outside the convoy violated election laws too.

Do you think Siti could have handled the situation better? Let us know in the comments below!

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