Sick Leave Certificate Goes Missing At Hospital Tangkak In Johor

It has since been deemed as 'invalid'.
We may have seen rare cases happening in hospitals, encountering many different types of illnesses and other unusual events, but this rare case might make you go “oh.”

In a surprising event, the Hospital Tangkak in Johor has announced that one of their sick leave certificates has gone missing and informed everyone that the certificate will not be valid for use.

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MC goes missing

The announcement was made through the hospital’s official Facebook page yesterday, May 23.

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According to the notice, the hospital’s sick leave certificate (Medicine 9- Pin. 15/93) with the serial number HTGK F 896400 has been lost.

As a result, this particular certificate is no longer valid and cannot be used for any purpose.

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Netizens shared their thoughts about this issue

“If it’s lost, it means someone probably took it to either forge documents or sell medical certificates.”

“Sick leave certificates need to be stolen too, huh?”

What are your thoughts on this matter? Have you ever encountered a similar situation? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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