SG Woman Shares How Her Family Was Detained Over Toy Water Guns She Brought Into Changi Airport

Beware of the regulations before entering any country!
A Singaporean family was detained at Changi Airport after returning from Thailand due to toy water guns in their luggage.

According to a post on Instagram by Latifah, a Singaporean woman, she and her Australian husband, along with their children, were on a trip to Thailand on April 17, where they participated in the Songkran festival.

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Lalitha sharing her story
Image via IG/fairyfitmama

Enjoyed their time at Songkran Festival

Latifah and her family thoroughly enjoyed their time at the Songkran festival, mingling with the locals and creating unforgettable memories.

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Bought water gun
Image via IG/fairyfitmama

They had bought toy water guns for their children, who enjoyed playing with them immensely.

As their memorable trip came to an end, they decided to bring the toy water guns back to Singapore as souvenirs.

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Detained due to toy gun

The journey from Thailand to Singapore went smoothly until they reached Changi Airport. As they were about to leave the airport after collecting their luggage, customs officers stopped them and requested to scan their bags again.

Cant find their luggage
Image via IG/fairyfitmama

“They found the toy guns in our bags and immediately detained us. My husband was taken to a room and held for about an hour for questioning,” Latifah recounted.

Her husband, an Australian permanent resident in Singapore, had to present his PR card and sign a document admitting to bringing a controlled item into Singapore before being released. The toy water guns were confiscated.

Beware of the regulation

Latifah mentioned that their family was not the only one affected; many other families faced similar issues, unaware that toy water guns are regulated items in Singapore.

She expressed her frustration in a video afterward, saying that if someone had informed them earlier about the restriction on toy guns, they would have avoided the trouble.

Latifah shared her experience to warn others about the regulation, hoping it would help future travelers avoid similar situations.

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