SIA Offers RM47K Compensation To Passengers Injured During Turbulent SQ321 Flight

For those with minor injuries, SIA has offered US$10,000 in compensation.
Singapore Airlines (SIA) is reaching out to passengers of flight SQ321 with compensation offers following a severe turbulence incident on May 20, 2024.

On June 10, 2024, SIA confirmed that they have sent out compensation offers to the affected passengers.

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For those with minor injuries, SIA has offered US$10,000 in compensation. Passengers with more serious injuries are invited to discuss personalized compensation offers when they are ready.

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Those requiring long-term medical care and financial assistance will receive an advance payment of US$25,000 to address immediate needs, which will be part of their final compensation.

Additionally, SIA is providing a full refund of airfare to all SQ321 passengers from May 20, 2024, including those who were uninjured.

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All passengers will also receive delay compensation as per EU and UK regulations.

Upon arrival in Bangkok, each passenger was given S$1,000 for immediate expenses. SIA has covered medical expenses for the injured and arranged for family members to join them in Bangkok if needed.

Compensation offers have been sent via email, along with instructions for proceeding with claims. For further assistance, passengers can contact SIA directly.

SIA remains committed to supporting the passengers affected by the SQ321 incident.

Netizens have voiced their opinions on the airline’s response, with many expressing appreciation for SIA’s swift and generous compensation efforts.

Sia offers rm47k compensation to passengers injured during turbulent sq321 flight | weirdkaya
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