SG Woman Has Dream Of Brother’s Death, Discovers His Corpse 7 Days Later

Premonition come true.
Every now and then, we would have dreams of people close to us such as our friends or family members. But what if the dream is about their impending demise?

A Singaporean woman lost her brother in a rather startling manner, where she dreamt of his death just a week before it came to pass.

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Lived with sister for 1 year

According to Shin Min Daily News, the 63-year-old victim, a man surnamed Guo, was found lifeless on Apr 10 inside his two-room flat at Block 125A Tengah Drive.

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Speaking to the Chinese daily, Guo’s sister said he had lived with her for the past one year after divorcing his wife three years ago.

He later moved out and rented the place in Jan 2024, where he had been living for slightly more than three months.

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Didn’t return calls or texts

Throughout the 10 days which led up to the discovery of Guo’s body, his sister and mother attempted to contact him with no success. However, this didn’t raise any red flags as Guo had the habit of not answering texts or calls.

On top of that, Guo had informed them that he was invited by a friend to visit Genting Highlands, leading his family to believe he was on a holiday.

Genting highlands
Photo via TripAdvisor

Additionally, it was reported that Guo was last seen online on Mar 31.

SG woman has dream of brother’s death

On Apr 3, Guo’s sister had a dream of him, where she dreamt he had passed away and suffered cuts on the back of his hand.

A week later, she went to his flat to visit him, where she bought a packet of pig trotters and rice. She also claimed that she heard Guo calling her name but when she turned around, she didn’t see anyone.

Smelt something amiss

Upon arriving at Guo’s doorstep, his sister found a package outside and was told by a neighbour that it was left untouched for a week.

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Boxes at doorstep
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She also saw that Guo’s crutches in the gap between the flat’s wooden door and metal gate and noticed that the windows were left open, leading her to assume that he was at home.

However, she smelt an odour emitting from the house and felt something was fishy, causing her to call the police.

Police investigating

Guo’s sister told Shin Min that her brother had recently undergone heart surgery and was about to see the doctor due to having liquid in his lungs and occasionally suffered breathlessness.

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Police later confirmed that they received a report of the incident at 2.55pm and have ruled out foul play following preliminary investigations.

The case is still under investigation.


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