SG Woman Asks Friend To Return Airpods She Gave 4 Years Ago As Hers Was Spoilt

Oh wow.
Whenever someone gives us a gift, the last thing on our mind would be the giver asking for the gift to be returned years later.

This was what happened to a Singaporean man whose friend texted him to ask him to return a pair of Airpods she gave to him as a birthday gift as hers had malfunctioned.

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SG woman asks friend to return Airpods she gave 4 years ago

On Mar 15, a man named Jeff shared a screenshot to the Facebook group Complaint Singapore, where his friend named Josephine texted him to ask whether he had been doing well.

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However, the conversation then takes a shocking turn when Josephine asks Jeff to do a “small favour” by returning her a pair of Airpods she gave to him for his birthday four years ago.

Her reason? Her Airpods had spoilt and she was facing financial difficulties.

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On this post alone, netizens were more than outraged by Josephine’s request, with one cheekily commenting: ‘Just reply …I am sorry Jeffrey Tan Meng Lee is dead long ago, it was like 4 years ago. Everything were inside the coffin. Location 14b, 2314, Lim chu kang road, Chinese cemetery.’

‘F**k you!’

Three days after the first post, Jeff posted an update on the matter with a screenshot of Josephine becoming rather restless and frustrated, where she criticised Jeff for not responding to her despite seeing her message.

In response, Jeff slammed Josephine for having the gall to ask for the Airpods back, adding that it had spoilt a long time ago.

He also sarcastically said that he was in dire financial straits as he didn’t have a job and income.

4 years ago I buy makan for you that caifan (economy rice) cost S$4. Please pay to me now, thanks.

That proved to be the straw that broke Josephine’s back, who replied with a ‘f**k you’ and a middle-finger emoji.

Netizens outraged and amused

Needless to say, Josephine’s outrageous request had netizens bashing and trolling her in the comment section.

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‘What a shame. Who have courage to ask things back 4 years ago.’

Sg woman asks friend to return airpods she gave 4 years ago as hers was spoilt comment 1
Screenshot via FB/Complaint Singapore

‘Unfortunately I sold it off the very next day. Money well spent.’

Sg woman asks friend to return airpods she gave 4 years ago as hers was spoilt comment 2
Screenshot via FB/Complaint Singapore

One netizen wrote that Jeff should just give the Airpods back along with the ‘extra’ gift of accumulated ear wax.

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Sg woman asks friend to return airpods she gave 4 years ago as hers was spoilt comment 3
Screenshot via FB/Complaint Singapore

What would you do if your friend came asking you to return the gift they gave you years ago? Share with us in the comments!


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