SG Woman’s Friend Wins RM648,000 4D Ticket On Her Behalf, Withholds Money & Cuts Off Contact

With friends like these, who needs enemies?
There’s a saying that goes, ‘Money often brings out the worst in people’, and this couldn’t be any truer for a Singaporean woman who was cheated out of a winning 4D ticket by a friend.
4d ticket
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Friend wins RM648,000 4D ticket

In a lengthy and heart wrenching Facebook post date Jan 16, the woman wrote that she got a friend to help her buy a 4D ticket after missing out on placing a bet previously.

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One day, she received news that she had won a whopping S$200,000 (RM648,257) and was ecstatic over her win as she only earned S$2,000 (RM6482.57) a month and had never seen such large amounts before.
Sg woman's friend wins and withholds winning 4d ticket
Screenshot via Facebook

Wanting to share her joy of winning, the woman told her colleagues that she would treat them to dinner and even offered to share the prize money out.

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Gets blocked and money withheld

To her dismay, her friend refused to give her the winning 4D ticket and proceeded to block her number and cut off contact.

Contact number gets blocked
Photo via WIRED

Left with little recourse, she went to lodge a police report at the suggestion of her colleagues and showed police text messages, betting instructions, PayNow transactions, and a photo of the winning ticket.

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Unfortunately, police told the woman that they couldn’t help her as it was a private agreement between her and her friend.

Seeks restitution from debt collector

In the comment section, the woman wrote that she had gone to Singapore Pools for help after failing to get it from police.

Sg woman approaches singapore pools
Screenshot via Facebook
However as per Singapore Pools’ protocol, they said that they have no right to withdraw the prize money from anyone as long as he/she is able to produce the 4D ticket.

They then shifted their responsibility back to the police and told the woman to approach them instead.

As a result, she’s is currently looking for a debt collector who could hopefully aid her in getting her prize money back.

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