SG Man Finds Dad’s Rotting Body Inside Toilet Of Flat They Lived In Due To Foul Stench

His father had died 3 days ago.
A man in Singapore had a shock of his life after a foul smell led him to discover the decomposing body of his father inside the toilet of the flat they were both living in.

To add on to the gruesome circumstances, it was later revealed that the man was completely unaware that his father had passed away three days prior.

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SG man finds dad’s rotting body inside toilet thanks to foul stench

According to Shin Min Daily News, the stomach-churning incident took place last Thursday (May 23) at a flat located at Block 109 Hougang Avenue 1.

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At around 5pm, the victim’s son, Ridhuan (transliteration from Mandarin), had just woken up from a nap at 20 minutes earlier when his nose was hit with a foul stench coming out from his father’s room.

Man pinching his nose
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Initially, Ridhuan thought the pet cat had died, but that was quickly disproved when he saw the feline prancing around the living room. He then went to knock on his father’s room door but got no response.

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Ridhuan later told Shin Min Daily News that his father began locking himself inside the room after his mother passed away last year.

After contacting his relatives, Ridhuan managed to find the key and unlocked his father’s room door along with them, where he was greeted by the sight of maggots and blood oozing right out from his father’s head inside the toilet.

Last saw his father 3 days ago

Ridhuan told the Chinese daily that the last time he saw his father was on May 20 at around 8pm, when the latter left to buy some food before returning to his room.

Since my dad rarely leaves his room, I didn’t think much of it at the time. My father had previously chided me for knocking on the door and disrupting his sleep,” he explained.

Police have since confirmed the case, saying that they received a report about a 63-year-old man found lying at home and was subsequently pronounced dead by hospital staff at the scene.

They also said preliminary investigations have suggested that no foul play was present.


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