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Starting Sept 1, M’sians Can Now Look Forward To Working 45 Hours Instead Of 48 Hours Per Week

Say hi to the upcoming three-hour discount. :)

Malaysian workers will only be required to work 45 hours instead of 48 hours per week starting September 1 when amendments to the Employment Act 1955 come into effect, reported Bernama.

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According to Human Resources Deputy Minister Datuk Awang Hashim, he said the amendments will hopefully provide more flexibility to employees and reduce the number of working hours per week so that their welfare is protected.

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45 hours
Photo via Facebook/Haji Awang Hashim

He added that the amendments will also allow employees to apply for flexible working hours, including changes in work days, work hours, and the location of their workplace.

“The amendments also introduce a new section on flexible work arrangements, to allow employees to apply to employers to carry out work according to the suitability of working hours, working days or workplaces, including working from home for emergency situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic,” he said.

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Starting sept 1, m'sians can now look forward to working 45 hours instead of 48 hours per week
Photo via Pexels

However, Awang said that the government currently has no plans to implement a four-day work week, particularly in the private sector.

Just this week, a study found that Kuala Lumpur was the third most overworked city in the world and had a shockingly low number of minimum vacation days offered, which stood at an average of eight days per year.

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Cover image via Facebook/Haji Awang HashimPexels

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