Senior citizen publicly forgives road rager who assaulted him

"I forgive him with all my heart."

SHAH ALAM – An elderly man who was beaten up by a motorcyclist at Padang Jawa last Sunday has chosen to forgive the latter for his actions.

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‘I forgive him fully’

During a press conference at his home in Kg Padang Jawa yesterday (May 25), Zainoldin Hussain, 61, said that although he is still shaken from the incident, he nevertheless holds no grudges against the 23-year-old assailant, reported The Vibes.

I forgive him with all my heart. I’m truly sad, I think of him as a son. He’s only 23. I don’t want incidents like this to happen again elsewhere.

Photo via The Vibes

However, Zainoldin affirmed that he will not withdraw the police report he had lodged against the youth.

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“I will leave it to the law. I have done my part and I will leave it to the police to do what they have to do.” 

He also denied claims that he had provoked the motorcyclist, causing the altercation to take place.

“I’m a dialysis patient and I have three grandchildren. Besides, I don’t know how long I will live. So, I know my place,” said the father of three.

Photo via The Vibes

Summary of event

According to a statement by Shah Alam district police chief Asst Comm Mohd Iqbal Ibrahim, the altercation transpired when Zainoldin was making a turn into Alam Avenue when the motorcyclist, who was on the left, started shouting and scolding him.

As Zainoldin stepped out of his car to check for signs of a collision, he was sent sprawling to the ground by a kick to the chest by the motorcyclist, who then proceeded to pummel him with punches.

The assault also left Zainoldin with swelling and injuries on his left eye and left ribs.

Photo via The Vibes

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