Security Guard Who Hands Over Suitcase With RM500k Cash Receives Award For His Honesty

True sense of responsibility and integrity.

In an exemplary act of integrity, Sherpa Dawa, a stalwart guardian at A5 Security Services, has been lauded and rewarded after he immediately reported luggage brimming with RM500,000 in cash left unattended.

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Found during his vigil at a Damansara shopping mall, Dawa’s swift action to turn in the treasure demonstrates a profound commitment to his duties and ethical training.

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This admirable act occurred while he was on duty at a Damansara shopping mall, where his quick thinking and ethical training led him to immediately report the discovery to both the mall management and local authorities, without giving a second thought to the amount involved.

A5 Security Services, recognizing Dawa’s integrity, honored him with both an award and a personal gift.

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Security guard who hands over luggage with rm500k cash receives award for his honesty
Photo from FB/ A5 Security Services

Hardeep Singh, the company director, publicly commended Dawa, emphasizing his pride in Dawa’s actions and the importance of such honesty for the company.

Dawa, who has been with the company for four years, attributed his actions to the rigorous training he has received, underscoring his commitment to his role and responsibilities.

Hardeep Singh hailed Dawa as an exemplary security guard and expressed hope for Dawa’s continued association with the company, highlighting a desire to extend his permit to ensure his valuable presence is retained.


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