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Saw A Spike In Electricity Bills? Here’s How You Can Calculate Your TNB Bills By Your Own

Understand your bills.
As temperatures soar, Malaysians are experiencing a surge in electricity consumption, leading to higher electricity bills. To understand these costs, it’s important to learn how to read your electricity bill and calculate the charges yourself.

Every electricity bill provides details on your previous and current meter readings. By subtracting the previous reading from the current one, you can determine your monthly electricity usage.

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Tnb bills
For illustrative purposes only. Photo by WeirdKaya.

For instance, if your previous reading was 26,430 and the current one is 27,120, your consumption for the month is 690 kWh.

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Tariff rates from Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) are structured as follows:

  • First 200 kWh (0-200 kWh) @ RM0.218 per kWh
  • Next 100 kWh (201-300 kWh) @ RM0.334 per kWh
  • The next 300 kWh (301-600 kWh) @ RM0.516 per kWh
  • The next 300 kWh (601-900 kWh) @ RM0.546 per kWh
  • Above 900 kWh @ RM0.571 per kWh.

Also, the minimum monthly charge is at RM3.

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Here’s how to calculate your myTNB bill

Additionally, TNB offers an online calculator at myTNB bill calculator to help consumers estimate their charges based on usage.

Tnb calculator

Consider these examples:

  • For 690kWh usage:
    • First 200 kWh = RM43.60
    • Next 100 kWh = RM33.40
    • Next 300 kWh = RM RM154.80
    • Additional 90 kWh = RM49.14
    • SST 8% = RM3.93
    • Total = RM284.87
Tnb electricity calculator 2

Do note, however, that this calculator is only a guide and doesn’t reflect a normal billing cycle.

Tnb electricity calculator 1

For estimation purposes only

The myTNB bill calculatorIt calculates energy usage only and excludes additional charges such as late payment fees, RE Fund contributions, Power Factor surcharges, Connected Load Charge (CLC) penalties, and does not account for rebates, discounts, or special tariffs like Off Peak Tariff Rider (OPTR) or Sunday Tariff Rider (STR).

Additionally, from March 1, 2024, a Service Tax (ST) of 8% applies to residential customers consuming over 600 kWh in billing periods less than 28 days.

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