“Enough For A Family Of 4” — Sabah Vendor Sells Economy Rice From As Low As RM2.50

The OG economy rice.
Economy rice has long been the go-to meal for working class people and families thanks to its relatively low price. However, many are starting to feel the pinch as the prices of raw materials continue to soar, making economy rice not so “economic” anymore.

One vendor in Sabah is keeping true to the term ‘economy rice’ despite price increases by selling from as low as RM2.50, making it an affordable option for families looking to feed their children as well as themselves.

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Photo via Sin Chew Daily

The ‘real economy rice’

The economy rice stall is being run by a man named Liu Jinhua (transliteration) in Kolombong, Kota Kinabalu, who sells the meal at such low prices that it has attracted a long queue of customers during breakfast and lunch hour.

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Aside from economy rice, he also sells bread and pastries at affordable prices too, which are hugely popular during the holidays.

Speaking to Sin Chew Daily, Liu said that he chose to maintain low prices despite rising costs in order to let the public enjoy a “real economic meal”.

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Photo via Sin Chew Daily

“The price of vegetables has soared due to shortages as well as other ingredients. Thankfully, pork prices decreased by RM10 per kg so it has helped to alleviate some of the costs.

“I’ve been running the business with these cost pressures for many years, but every time I think of the pressures faced by the public and parents who often pack lunch for their children, I strive to maintain the prices,” he said.

Sabah vendor sells economy rice from as low as RM2.50

According to the price list displayed at Liu’s stall, customers can have two types of vegetables with rice for just RM2.50, where they can choose to have either leafy vegetables, melon, eggplant, tofu, or eggs.

Photo via Sin Chew Daily

Should they opt to have one type of meat and one vegetable, they only need to pay RM4 for it. Liu added that with just RM10, a family of four can have a full meal.

He revealed that the decision not to increase prices was discussed and agreed beforehand with his wife and children.

I often ‘brainwash’ my children by telling them that as long as the business can be sustained, it’s more important to ensure that everyone is well fed.

“I’m also thankful to see many familiar and new faces returning to the stall over the years,” he said.

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