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Daring robber swings open woman’s car door and snatches handbag within seconds in Klang

Be careful.

KLANG – Recently, a video showing a robber flinging a woman’s car door open before snatching her handbag has gone viral.

Credit: Twitter/@4rshrf

In the video, a man clad in a white T-shirt walks towards the victim’s car which was parked by the road while pretending to answer a call.

All of a sudden, he swings the door open and grabs the victim’s handbag in broad daylight.

Credit: Twitter/@4rshrf

His accomplice, who was riding a motorcycle, quickly appears from behind and whisks his partner in crime away. The woman tried to chase after the duo but to no avail.

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Credit: Twitter/@4rshrf

In another video, it can be seen that the duo had been prowling around the area scouring for potential victims.

Everything happened in a flash

Speaking to WeirdKaya, the victim’s friend, Nomad shared that the incident had taken place at Pandamaran Jaya, Klang on Thursday (Oct 7).

Klang woman robbed. Png

He also added that a police report was lodged at IPD Klang Selatan. However, there were no further updates at the time of writing.

In a separate tweet, Nomad revealed that the duo had switched off his friend’s phone and disabled its tracking ability.

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According to the tracking system, the phone was last seen at Kampung Raja Uda.

Klang woman robbed in broad daylight

‘Lock your door at all times!’

Nomad’s post has since garnered over 11.8k retweets and 7,000 reactions, with many offering suggestions on how to avoid such incidents.

One said that this tragedy serves as a lesson for all to lock their car doors at all times, even if it’s for a short while.

A female netizen suggested keeping a bottle of pepper spray to fend off robbers, avoid walking in dark alleys, and filling up petrol during daytime.

Another netizen shared how she had an iron bar underneath her car seat but questioned whether she would get in trouble for using it in self-defense.

To all ladies, please be more alert of your surroundings and always keep your car doors locked!

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