M’sian Woman Slams Klang Eatery For Charging Her RM85 For A Small Portion Of Kailan

Might as well eat grass straight from the field.
Over the Chinese New Year period, restaurants have been enjoying a brisk business due to Malaysians dining out to fellowship with friends and family over the festive season.

However, a restaurant in Klang earned the ire of a woman who accused them of dishonest business practices by charging her a high price for food that wasn’t enough for a large group of people.

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M’sian woman charged RM85 for a small portion of kailan

According to the lengthy post shared by the OP on the Facebook group KL娱乐站, she said her relatives were at her cousin’s home for a CNY open house and ordered food from the restaurant.

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To her shock, the portions turned out to be way below expectations despite telling the restaurant that it needed to be large portions.

Final receipt of food ordered from klang restaurant
Photo via FB/KL娱乐站

Aside from the paltry portions, the OP was also deeply displeased by the pricing, where the kailan dish cost a whopping RM85 alone.

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For such a ‘big’ portion of kailan, is it logical to charge RM85 for it during CNY? I’m pretty sure gold dust was used to grow it,” she said sarcastically.

The OP also slammed the restaurant for charging RM85 for a serving of lotus roots, where she questioned whether it was imported all the way from the US and whether the cost of the plastic box was RM50.

Rm85 kailan served by klang restaurant
Photo via FB/KL娱乐站

She added that her relatives came all the way from Brunei and Macau to celebrate CNY but were forced to starve as there weren’t enough food to go around.

“We had to lose weight and it was so healthy for us. Thank you so much for that!” she remarked snarkily.

‘Daylight robbery’

Shortly after the post went viral, netizens left their thoughts on the matter in the comment section, where a majority of them felt that the restaurant was straight up robbing the OP.

‘My God, this restaurant is making it look like running a business is more profitable than robbing.’

M'sian woman slams klang eatery for charging her rm85 for a small portion of kailan comment 1
Screenshot via FB/KL娱乐站

‘This is a scam carried out by the company.’

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M'sian woman slams klang eatery for charging her rm85 for a small portion of kailan comment 2
Screenshot via FB/KL娱乐站

However, one netizen felt that the OP was making a mountain out of a molehill, adding that RM85 was “reasonable” and that she could have just ordered more if the food wasn’t enough instead of complaining on social media.

M'sian woman slams klang eatery for charging her rm85 for a small portion of kailan comment 3
Screenshot via FB/KL娱乐站

What do you think of the issue? Share with us in the comments!


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